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First United Presbyterian Church of DuBois


Date of Application:        ______________


Group or Organization:________________________________________



Contact Person: ________________                   Phone:________________


Number of Participants:________             


Purpose of Event(s):__________________________________________




Type of Program and/or activities:________________________________




Room(s) desired:  Social Room/Kitchen_____   Sanctuary______

Outdoor Pavilion___________         Other_________


Day(s) desired:______________________________________________


Time: Beginning at____________ to ______________


Request church door to be open by _______________


Individual responsible for group:


I,_______________________ (print name), will be responsible for my group’s use of the requested church facilities and will see that the room(s) are left as they were found, returning all furniture and any equipment to the place they were in: Will promise to use only as much lighting as is need and turn off all lights upon leaving and not change any thermostat settings.  We will clean up the room(s) before departure and notify the church office of any changes in our meeting schedule or time.





FEES required:


$50 for each room indicated above (Wedding fees are $200 for sanctuary and Social Rooms use)


No fees for outdoor pavilion use.


Include the appropriate fees with this application for church use.

             - per request, Session will consider waiving fees for non-profit organizations.

             - If for some reason the request should not be approved all fees submitted with this request will  be returned.

Please notify the church office, 371-9580, of any changes in schedule and/or time as requested.  We also advise you that use of the church facilities by church groups is

always a first consideration.  Therefore prior scheduling is essential and any changes must be compatible with church events. 


Please note:  Our Session reviews building requests on the third Tuesday of each month.

Please mail to First United Presbyterian Church, 43 W. Scribner Ave., DuBois, PA  15801

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